Good News on the Pipeline Proposal

It appears that the strong public reaction to Dominion's pipeline proposal and possibly other technical factors have prompted Dominion to rescind their request to use the ATT rail corridor for a new pipeline connector. NCDOT announced on June 2:
"The N.C. Department of Transportation learned yesterday that Dominion Energy has rescinded the request to utilize NCDOT right of way along the American Tobacco Trail for a pipeline. For additional information about Dominion Energy’s proposed pipeline, please contact Persida Montanez with Dominion Energy communications at "
Cary and Durham have been notified that Dominion will be evaluating other alignments over the next 60 days. After that is completed some form of public engagement will be scheduled.

Info on Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline on the ATT

Just over a week ago I was made aware that North Carolina's DOT has been working with Dominion Energy to allow the construction of a 12" diameter gas line using a portion of the ATT corridor from Morrisville Parkway to Scott King Road. This would be from ~mile post 16.2 to mile post 10, or about 6 miles. Dominion Energy has now received an easement on NC Rail Division right-of-way along the American Tobacco Trail. This was granted at a May 7th meeting of the North Carolina Board of Transportation. Dominion has not submitted any final plans and still needs to acquire all necessary permits, including one from the Army Corps of Engineers, which will include a public engagement process. Dominion has prepared a descriptive PDF of the project (as of March 2019). See the ATT Group Facebook page for a link to this file.
A construction start date and schedule has not been determined. Dominion has indicated they would like to break ground by September 2020. Permits from the City of Durham, the Town of Cary, the US Army Corps of Engineers and NC DEQ must be obtained first. These permits should specify conditions to minimize the environmental impact and how temporary closures or re-routes should be done. Slides in the project PDF indicate they plan to use property at the outside edge of the corridor and try to retain some portion of the existing trees closest to the trail.

As of May 24th, it is not too late to express your concerns on this. To be clear, the right of way has not been sold, the NC Board of Transportation only authorized DOT to provide a right of way easement. This was a necessary step in the process but Dominion must obtain numerous permits before the deal is done. DOT let it be known on May 22 they are reviewing what has been done to date by “executive leadership”. Dominion has indicated they are now planning to gather input from trail stakeholders in the next 6 to 8 weeks. The info our group and others have put out seems to be activating large #s of trail users and officials in Durham, Cary and Wake County to push back on why this route was selected as the best alternative and to demand that public input be set up for trail stakeholders. At this point the best source of digital info on this issue is the ATT Group Facebook page. Anyone can request membership. If you scan through the numerous posts you will see links to the emails at NCDOT. In addition your comments to City or town council representatives will be helpful as they begin their inquiries. Perhaps the best overall summary of the situation is the article by Lisa Sorg in NC Policy Watch. Stay tuned, there may be a time when petitions and other input may be useful. Feel free to pass this info along to other trail users you may know.

Upcoming Workday on Eagle Spur Trail

Eagle Spur Trail Workday, Saturday March 7th, 9:00 a.m. Steve Lund will lead a crew of volunteers to: 1. Cut up and remove logs and debris from the trail. 2. Pick up and remove trash. 3. Haul in Sakrete for the culvert project. 4. Remove any fallen trees from the corridor. To sign up, contact Steve: Steve will get back to you on meeting point, parking and other details. The Eagle Spur is an abandoned rail corridor in south Durham / north Chatham that leads from Stagecoach Rd to Jordan Lake. See our map

Follow-up: Our workday was a success, over 25 trash bags filled and a dozen trees cut up and removed. Weather permitting, we may do one more workday this Spring. If you think you may want to help out at upcoming Eagle Spur workdays please email Steve Lund at .

Pittard Sears Fountain Closed for the Winter

Closed fountain at Pittard Sears parking area

Due to the sub-freezing temperatures on November 12 through 14, we opted to shut down our fountain to avoid freeze damage to the internal hoses and brass parts vulnerable to freeze damage. Weather permitting, we'll re-open it in late March. The fountains at the New Hope Church Road trailhead have also been shut down but the faucets in the restrooms are still on.

Volunteer Workday at Eagle Spur Trail

On Saturday, May 18th, TRTC is sponsoring a second clean-up session at the Eagle Spur Trail.
The Eagle Spur is the remnant of the original 1920's "Tobacco Trail" rail grade abandoned with the construction of Jordan Lake and runs from Stagecoach Road 2.3 miles to the lake. The land is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and managed by the Wildlife Resources Commission. Triangle Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has taken the responsibility for maintaining the trail.
The Eagle Spur Trail has taken quite a “hit” lately mostly due to lots of rain and inundation from historically high Jordan Lake levels that have put large sections of the trail corridor under water for significant amounts of time. There are quite a few trees down, many logs that floated in and remained when the lake level receded, and a generous portion of "Jordan Lake trash". If you have ever hiked a trail and most of us have… Here is your chance to give back! A LOT of trails exist only because they have been volunteer built and maintained. This is one of them. We now need YOUR help to reopen this trail. Bring water and a snack, sturdy shoes or hiking boots.

DETAILS: We will be meeting at 69 Colvard Park Drive, Durham 27713-5808. From there it is short walk to the trail through the woods.
SATURDAY, May 18th. Time: 9:00 A.M.- 1:00 P.M – You can stay longer if you like!

Trail Map (reference only!): See (

White Oak Creek Greenway Officially Opened on March 9

White Oak and ATT intersection

The White Oak Greenway opening ceremony will be held at 2 pm on March 9th, 2019. This new greenway has been under construction for several years and the final sections were completed late in 2018. It connects with the ATT just north of the Wimberly Road parking area at ~mile 18.25. Give it a try, its all hard surface but has lots of boardwalks and is a bit different than the ATT. This greenway is 7.3 miles long and ends at Bond Park at High House Road.


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