Workday Photos

Various photos from scheduled workdays to clean up, repair and maintain the trails in the Triangle area.

National Trails Day Workday--June 6th, 2009


For this year's Trails Day, TRTC held a half-day workday starting at 9am to pick up trash on the ATT and the Riddle Road Spur east from Hillside High School in Durham. We picked up lots of trash, especially in the wooded area between the trail and the high school. Here is a picture of several of our volunteers near bags of trash and recyclable items collected on the Riddle Road section.

Safety Fence Construction


Pictures showing construction of a safety fence adjacent to the ramp constructed in late 2007 at Solite Park in Durham. A second project to relocate a trail sign to a point near the ramp was also completed. The fence and sign projects were done as part of requirements for earning Eagle Scout status by Phillip Kinney of Apex. He was assisted by several scouts from his troop and with assistance and guidance from several TRTC Board members.

Work on Pavers Project (4/2007)


In 2007 we were given a good size quantity of brick pavers by a local homeowner and used them to construct a paved area around the kiosk at the Fayetteville Rd. trailhead. We had to level the surface, put down a layer of pea gravel, install the pavers and edging boards and finally work in binder sand to keep the pavers together. The surface has stood up well for the 4 years it has been in place.

Work on the ATT on National Trails Day


Trash removal in Chatham County near the Wake County line.

ATT workday on August 20, 2005


A few pictures from an ATT workday on August 20, 2005. Volunteers from Bronto Software and the Volunteer Center of Durham worked hard in the heat but had a good time.


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