Workday Photos

Various photos from scheduled workdays to clean up, repair and maintain the trails in the Triangle area.

Putting In Drainage Culvert--South Durham ATT


Board Member Frank Bennett adjusting the placement of some very heavy cement culverts. During 3 workdays in late 2004, Frank, Bill and Curt used Bill's Kubota and and lots of pulling and tugging to install about 25' of cement culvert just east of the ATT about 1/3 mile north of Scott-King Road. With temps mostly in the 30s some of this work turned out to be dirtier and less fun than anticipated.

Clean-up in Chatham at National Trails Day--2006


About a dozen eager volunteers came out to help us in gathering and hauling out a large amount of household trash that was on or near the corridor in Chatham County. The volunteers enjoyed it and this and other clean-up days in Chatham meant that the contract for the later paving efforts did not have to deal with this stuff.

Kiosk and Connector Trail Work at Fayetteville Rd. Trailhead


In the winter of 2006 we erected a kiosk from a kit (using drawings, several boxes of parts and lots of head scratching) and then installed the very nice hip roof and bulletin boards. Later in the year we installed three waterbars to address some erosion caused by heavy rains in September.

Ramp to ATT at Solite Park- Durham


In 2008 we obtained a grant towards building a 150' ramp to provide an easier connection from the ATT to Durham's Solite Park. In the Spring we held two workdays to do a thorough clean-up of the woods near the ramp area. Earlier, we held a few workdays to remove small trees and clear brush. Later the ramp paving was done and in September safety fencing was installed as an Eagle Scout project.

Lawson Street Connector


We obtained an Adopt-a-Trail grant to build a 115' concrete link from Lawson Street (in Durham) to the ATT. In two April 2010 workdays we cleaned up where the connector would go and the nearby woods bordering the ATT. In early May 2010 the concrete was put down and soon thereafter we had a brief opening ceremony and received many thanks from area residents.


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