ATT Construction

Various photos showing construction of the American Tobacco Trail.

Gates In Place on Most of Phase E Crossings


During late March these large access gates were installed on both sides of Scott-King Road (as pictured above) and on the south side of Massey Chapel Road. The green chain link side fencing is now complete in this area of the trail as well.

View of ATT Between Massey Chapel and Fayetteville Road


Center stripes and new green side fencing have been installed recently.

View of Construction of Future Bridge Over I-40


Construction of the bridge supports north and south of I-40 in early February.

Trail Entrances at Scott-King Road


Brick aprons were installed in early December.

Progress on the Soft Surface and Culvert South of Scott King


Phase E construction of the ATT will provide a dual surface from Scott King Road to the Chatham County line. The contractor is now well along in building the 6' wide soft surface part of the trail. It appears this section will be complete well before the next running of the Tobacco Road Marathon in March 2013.


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