ATT Construction

Various photos showing construction of the American Tobacco Trail.

View of New Section of ATT Along Massey-Chapel Rd.


Looking west on Massey-Chapel. The safety fencing was installed in early October and asphalt paving was put down on October 31st.

Late September View of Construction of Massey Chapel Section


Construction of this section is proceeding. The redesign for this section has required the removal of the natural soil (generally red clay) down to a depth of ~8' below the road surface level and the building of substantial bulkheading (subsurface sidewalls) to accomodate the aggregate materials which will underlay the asphalt surface. The final surface will be raised to ~the same height as the original road shoulder. These aggregates are being applied in 6" layers with compacting done for each layer. As of September 25th several additional aggregate layers are still to be put in place before final surface grading and smoothing can be done. With these steps still to be done, it appears that the asphalt surface will not be laid before the week of October 7-11.

Early July 2013 View of I-40 Bridge

I-40 Bridge Span Installed

Span of new I-40 bridge--April 2013

The initial portion of the ATT bridge over I-40 was installed overnight on April 27-28. I-40 was closed and detoured for about 8 hours and the installation went as planned. See picture of the span above. For other photos and information about the event please see the ATT Construction portion of our Gallery and an article in the News and Observer


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