Trail Workday on November 18th

Alison Baillie is leading a short workday on Saturday November 18th, at 8am to clean up the area where the ATT crosses Fayetteville Street. They will be meeting where the trail crosses Fayetteville St near Fayetteville St Elementary School.
Volunteers will follow the American Tobacco Trail, heading north and south from the trail's intersection with Fayetteville Street. If you have a pair of work gloves please bring your own. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own water. Durham Parks and Recreation will provide litter grabbers, trash bags, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Parking will be in the Food Lion parking lot, in the side lot facing the trail (3022 Fayetteville Street and meet at the trailhead/entrance). Most workdays here are completed by ~10am.
Here is the link to sign up for this workday

Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27707

Parking for Horse Trailers at the ATT

There are 4 facilities on the ATT where horse trailers can be parked

--Scott-King Road parking area (~Mile Post 10) From Scott-King Road parking is accessed via a short dirt driveway which is about 500' east of the ATT. No water is available at this area.
--New Hope Church Road Trailhead (~Mile Post 14.5) Entrance to this parking is about 200' east of the ATT on the south side of New Hope Church Road. Water is available in the rest rooms year 'round and from water fountains seasonally.
--White Oak Church Parking Area (~Mile Post 17, 1305 White Oak Church Road. No water is available at this area.
--New Hill Olive Chapel Road Parking Area (~Mile post 22.3, the south end of the ATT. 1309 New Hill-Olive Chapel Road). No water is available at this area.

Rails to Trails: The Time is Now

Utilizing railroads for mass transit systems may become necessary in the next century. Why not preserve the existing railroad corridors and avoid condemnation of private land for government projects? Once preserved, why not use these relatively flat, straight corridors for alternate transportation through bicycle commuting and recreational trails? These are not unique or radical ideas. Rail-trails efforts are active and successful throughout the country. Currently, the TRTC is actively seeking volunteers and contributions. If you would like to help, or you want to know more, please join us today by completing a membership form or joining us in workdays with Friends of the ATT.

This view of the American Tobacco Trail (ATT) shows folks enjoying an early Fall afternoon on the trail in downtown Durham. (Photo from Nancy Pierce

Fountain at Pittard Sears Closed

Covered up fountain at Pittard Sears.

With the very cold overnights ushering in Winter we had to close down the fountain for this year. Weather permitting we'll re-open it around mid-March.

Update on Eagle Spur Trail Project - November 2023

As some of you may know, TRTC has been involved in a multi-year project to replace 3 large (36” diam.) drainage culverts in the mid-section of this trail. This has not been an easy project and has been delayed several times by high lake levels and the fact that the Wildlife Commission does not allow any mechanized equipment in this area. Notwithstanding these factors, we are making progress with several workdays per year and numerous efforts by 2 or 3 volunteers.
Good weather in early December 2021 allowed for the installation of Culvert #1 and the completion of the fill over Culvert #2. Form work and concrete pouring on Culvert #1 was done during the week by several retirees. Fill work on culverts 1 and 2 were done by larger work groups on 2 Saturdays. Work on Culvert #3 was started during the Spring in 2022 and has continued.
Starting in the early spring of 2023, several of our retirees dug out the ditch and what was left of the old steel pipe. The resulting ditch was about seven feet deep and wider at trail level than what was necessary for Culvert #1 and #2. After placing the culvert in the forms for the collars, we had a couple of lake excursions that floated the culvert just high enough to twist and damage the forms. After repairs, we got everything back in place and started mixing and pouring about 100 bags of Sakrete. By August we had finished the pouring and most of the re-filling of the covering dirt. As of early November 2023 we are letting the fill settle and will complete the covering after a few good rains.

If You Are Interested in Working on This Project: We will have work days on weekdays and on weekends. We do more than just “Pick and Shovel” work – there is usually trash to be picked up, and limbs to be tossed off the trail. If you would like to join us for Exercise, Fresh Air and Sunshine send your name and e-mail address to

For images of our work on the Eagle Spur click here for photos on Google

We are also looking for someone who lives in the 751 South development to be our representative in that neighborhood. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, let us know.

Workday at Eagle Spur Trail--October 18th 2020

Steve Lund is leading a workday on the Eagle Spur Trail, Sunday October 18th at 9:00 a.m. It's a concrete mixing and pouring party to anchor the first drainage culvert in position. Volunteers should plan to be out there for about 4 hours. We'll meet at the Colvard subdivision (on the west side of NC 751 in southern Durham County).
Steve's goals for this workday are:
1. Get the collars on culvert #2 poured.
2. Begin backfilling culvert #2 with locally obtained dirt. Please bring a shovel if you can.
Optional work if we have sufficient turnout:
1. Cut up and clear trees and logs from the trail.
2. Pick up and remove trash.
If interested, send an email to
The Eagle Spur is the original 1905 routing of today's ATT (before Jordan Lake was filled).


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