I-40 Bridge Probably Not Ready for Santa This Year But He Can Use ATT Along Massey-Chapel Road

A recent letter to the Durham News http://www.thedurhamnews.com/2013/11/22/3390528/your-letters-nov-24.html from Marvin Williams, the Director of the City's Public Works Department, has pushed completion of the I-40 bridge to January 2014. These delays have pushed back TRTC's planned effort to measure the entire ATT from the Durham Bulls Ball Park to the ATT's terminus south of U.S. 64. We originally planned for the project to be done in August 2013 but have had to re-schedule it to late October, then to December and now to at least late January. These measurements will allow for a unitary north to south mileage scheme and for the future installation of uniform mileage signs by all three counties. Currently the mileage markers run from south to north in Wake and Chatham and from north to south in Durham. With the new scheme the Durham Ballpark will be mile 0.0 and marks will be made at quarter mile intervals.
The trail segment along Massey-Chapel Road has progressed nicely over the last month with asphalt paving on October 31st and safety fencing installed over the past two weeks.

Extension of Porta-Jon Service, New ATT Construction Images

Good news for trail users in south Durham, TRTC's Board approved a longer term extension of porta-jon service at the Fayetteville Road Trailhead. With the growing number of people using this section of the ATT this unit has received lots of use since we re-started service there in late July. Since the restrooms at Solite Park and Herndon Park will be closing soon for the Winter months, the porta-jon at Fayetteville Road will be the only facility close to the trail on the Durham section over the next few months. We have posted images showing progress on the new ATT section being completed along Massey-Chapel Road in our ATT Construction section: http://www.triangletrails.org/gallery/att . Asphalt paving was put down on October 31st and is seeing lots of use even while work is continuing on the shoulder.

Durham Sees Two Month Delay in I-40 Bridge Completion

On October 2nd Durham announced that recent inspections of the bridge had discovered problems with the safety fencing which must be addressed before the bridge can be opened for public use. According to Marvin Williams, director of the City’s Public Works Department: An issue with the pedestrian safety fencing was discovered during a recent inspection of the posts that are a part of the fencing. The fabricated angle of the fence posts, constructed by an out-of-state contractor, as well as the condition of the factory-installed paint was unsatisfactory. The repairs could cost anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000, but will not be incurred by the City. “This is an important safety issue, and we can’t open this bridge until corrections are made by the contractor. At this point, we anticipate opening the bridge in December 2013,” Williams said. “We realize that limiting access to the bridge at this time is unfortunate and will be an inconvenience to all users. However, the ability to protect pedestrians as well as properly maintain this bridge for all current and future users is also important, and we ask for patience and understanding as we make sure this gets done correctly.” The new estimate for completion of the bridge is mid-December.
The October 12th Opening Event will still be held from 9-11 am at the SouthPoint parking lot just north of Renaissance Parkway (see Map at http://www.triangletrails.org/pdfs/SetUpMap.pdf ) but there will not be any access to the bridge by the public.

Bridge Construction on the Home Stretch

A recent article in Durham's Herald-Sun http://www.heraldsun.com/news/localnews/x1576247474/Tobacco-Trail-bridge... discusses some interesting features of the bridge's construction. The cement decking for the bridge was poured on August 27th and as of early September, the contractor estimates completion for later this month. Durham has confirmed October 12th as the date for the grand opening event.

Porta-Jon Restored at Fayetteville Road Trailhead

TRTC has arranged for a porta-jon for ATT users at Fayetteville Road for 16 weeks. The unit was put in service on July 29th and will be in place through November 17th. If funds are available, we plan to re-start this service in March 2014.

Completion and Opening Event for I-40 Bridge and Phase E Section of the ATT Delayed

Durham's contractor, Blythe construction, is dealing with issues relating to completing the bridge and the construction of the short trail section to be built alongside Massey Chapel Road. Durham now projects (weather permitting) that the bridge should be completed by mid to late August and the section along Massey Chapel by the end of September. With these changes to the project's completion, a new date for the Grand Opening has been set: It will be held on Saturday, October 12, 2013, from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. at the Streets of Southpoint, 6910 Fayetteville St. in the Parking Lot Behind Southpoint Cinemas. See PDF showing the designated area: http://www.triangletrails.org/pdfs/SetUpMap.pdf
Planning for this event is continuing and will include short presentations by Durham's Mayor Bill Bell, Congressman David Price and others who have had a role in building and requesting funds for Phase E. Refreshments and information tables are planned as well as trail walks and bicycle rides (weather permitting). Check back here in September for more details on specific activities.


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